Thursday, December 25, 2008


The orientalists are the scholars who study the eastern religions especially Islam. Historically they studied Islam in order to combat Islam and many were employed by the western governments especially Britain, Germany, France and Holland. The orientalists studied Islam and gave their views and criticism on Islam. One of the most notorious among them was Snaouke Houranje aka Imam Abdul Ghafoor, the orientalist who was planted by the Dutch into the Indonesian society to sow schism among Muslim in Indonesia, especially among the "Kaum Muda-The Young Blood" and "Kaum Tua-The old blood".


The orientalists, through what they claimed as scholarly studies on Islam made subtle and unfounded accusations against the truth and the originality of the Quran. Montgomory Watt, Wil
liam Muir (1809-1905), Theodor Noldeke (1836-1930), Edward Henry Palmer (1840-1882), John Meadow Rodwell (1808-1900), Athur Stanley Tritton (1881-1973) and James Kritzeck (1930), Athur Jeffry (1892-1959) focused their criticism on the Quran. One of the most virulent criticism on the Quran is that the arrangement of the chapters (surah) of the Quran is flawed and it is supposed, as they claimed to follow the chronological order. The arrangement of the Quran was done by Muhammad himself or some orientalists claimed that it was Zaid ibn Thabit.


The western orientalist up and until these days claimed that the Quran is flawed. One of the many accusation is that the arrangement of the chapters of the Quran should follow the chronological orders. The chronological order is as follow:
al-Alaq: 1
al-Qalam 2

al-Muzammil 3
al-Mudathir 4

al-fatehah 5
al-Masad 6
al-Takwir 7

al-A'ala 8
al-Layl 9
al-Fajr 10
al-Dhuha 11
al-Asr 13

all-Adia 14
al-Kawthar 15
al-Takahthur 16
al-Fil 19
al-Falaq 20
al-Nas 21
al-Ikhlas 22
al-Sham 26

al-Tin 28
Quraysh 29
al-Qariyah 30
al-Humazah 32

Only the chronological arrangement of 30 chapters are shown here. If the chapters of the Quran are arranged in the chronological order, the scattered graph obtained by using the Micro Soft Excel is as shown below.